After turkey day, I have another bird on my mind, and that is the ring-necked pheasant.

A good friend of mine by the name of Rob who I have known since I was 4-years-old, reached out to me recently and invited me on a pheasant hunt.

Rob knew I would be coming into town to visit my family for the Thanksgiving break and thought it would be a good time to reconnect and I agreed.

Like fishing, some of the best parts of hunting are the conversations that happen during the drive to and from the hunting location. Not to mention all the great stories that can come out of a successful hunt.

I'm a talker, it's what I do for a living, and it will be a 2 hour drive to and from the hunting location so I hope I don't wear Rob and his son's ears out. Lol.

I have not done any pheasant hunting since I was a kid hunting with my dad. Dad and I had a couple of great beagles that we hunted rabbits with, both dogs were pretty good and putting up some grouse and pheasant from time to time and that's really the extent of my pheasant hunting.

Dad was always a pretty good shot and thanks to him I got to enjoy the harvest of several pheasants when growing up as a kid. My plan is to get a few pheasants Friday and make sure I leave behind a meal or two for dear ol' dad.

Now I got a bone to pick with all you dooms-dayers out there...stop buying up all the hunting loads just to stockpile and never use. It took me two days and 9 stores to find some 20 gage number 6 shot loads. Now I get that people what to protect themselves and you can do that with all your pistols and long rifles but us guys who can use a box of hunting loads for years before having to buy a new box, save us a few boxes of shells so we can hunt. Well, enough of my mini rant.

I finally got me a fresh box of shells and dad is gonna let me borrow his Remington semi auto 20 gage that is the best bird gun I have ever shot. Yes I have a few shotguns, but don't have a dedicated bird gun and as all you hunters know, it is important to be confident and familiar with the gun that you take into the woods. The last thing I want to do is feed the coyotes.

So I look forward to reuniting with my dad's shotgun and my friend Rob for a day in the field to create some more memories and laughs and if all goes well, a couple of nice meals to enjoy while looking back at a great day with friends and family.

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