Another amazing night of rock in Grand Rapids on Friday night with Godsmack and Volbeat at Van Andel Arena.

People for years have stated that rock is dead...apparently those people have not been to West Michigan where rock is alive and well. Godsmack and Volbeat performed for a sold out crowd that didn't get the memo that rock is dead.

Both Godsmack and Volbeat offered fans a VIP experience option at the ticket purchase. This allowed fans of either band to go back stage and get a full tour of the bands gear, stage, dressing rooms and really give fans a behind the curtain view of how a major production like this is put together.

Godsmack and Volbeat ended the experience with fans getting to say hi and pose with the band for a picture. I have been to a lot of meet and greets in my day and this was the best experience I have been a part of. Both bands and crews really went the extra mile.

The show started off with a band by the name of Stitched Up Heart. The band led by female vocalist Alecia "Mixi" Demmer. Stiched Up Heart blasted through their set as the arena began to fill.

Volbeat had their logo on a giant curtain as the crew got the final touches together to kick off their set. Volbeat wasted no time setting the tone of their set when they opened with "The Devils Bleeding Crown". The crowd immediately began singing every word along with singer Michael Poulsen. They followed up with "Lola Montez" and Van Andel was in full rock show mode.

Volbeat had great set that also included "A Warriors Call", "Black Rose", "Dead But Rising", "Fallen", "Seal The Deal" and "Still Counting" just to name a few. Poulsen along with the other guitarist Rob Caggiano has some amazing guitar tones that filled Van Andel with some pretty amazing solos from Caggiano.

Godsmack never seem to disappoint as well. Opening up their set with the title track to their new record "When Legends Rise". Godsmack really showed from their opening song that they are still full of fire, piss and vinegar after all these years.

Godsmack ran through a powerful set that included "1000 Hp", "Say My Name", "Keep Away", "Cryin' Like a Bitch", "Awake", "Unforgettable", "Something Different", "Voodoo", "Whatever", "Under Your Scars", "Bulletproof", "I Stand Alone" and closed things out with a cover of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell".

But we all know the true highlight of the night is the double drum solo with Singer Sully Erna and drummer Shannon Larkin. For those who have not seen this, a second drum kits drives out for Erna and he and Larking go at drum lick after drum lick while being accompanied musically by bassist Robbie Merrill and guitarist Tony Rombola. The drum solo gets better and better every year.

All in all, fans got their monies worth for a great night of rock n roll in Grand Rapids Michigan.