Godsmack just released the video for the song "Unforgettable," the latest single from 2018's When Legends Rise. It's not just any ordinary rock music video, though. The band invited 400 music students to join them for the shoot.

A group of music students recorded vocals with Godsmack for the track back when they were making the album. Frontman Sully Erna, who regularly works with charity organizations, made the decision to bring the kids back for the video shoot, which took place at the SNHU Arena in New Hamshire. "They're the ones who deserve it, as well. They put time into this song and this record," he explained to Loudwire Nights.

Erna acknowledged that plenty of bands had featured groups of children in their songs and videos before, but the meaning for him went deeper than just sound or aesthetic.

"I wanted this to be a strong message about music and the importance of music, and how it's affecting the generations to come and why it should be validated — not the first thing that should be cut from school systems when they're cutting their budgets," he continued.

"This was a fun project for [the kids], but it was also something that was really important to them. They had a voice in this video."

The vocalist can be seen giving an inspirational speech to the group of students toward the beginning of the video, as well. Watch it below, and listen to the full Loudwire Nights interview above.

Godsmack, "Unforgettable"

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