Dragonforce is wrapping up their Maximum Overload US tour leg, and have done some fun and crazy stuff, including Herman Li playing his guitar during a show on a cruise while underwater in the pool! He didn't even use a 'stunt guitar', he used his #1! Freaking weirdo.

Check out that #1 guitar, and all the rest of the guitars the band has on tour, the keyboards, drums, and gear they're using. We don't get to see the bass stuff, since they ran out of time, but you get to see the rest.

I love gear tour and rig rundowns. It gives me total GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and makes me want to run to the store and buy a bunch of stuff!

Luckily(?) I can't afford it.

Anything in this video you're dying to have?

Oh, and here's Herman's underwater playing video, and yes, condoms were used to help protect the guitar:

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