Last weekend my son and I had a great time together getting ready for Christmas.

I love spending time with my son Evan. For seven-years-old, he has a great sense of humor, a very positive attitude, and we just have so much fun hanging out together.

The weather was perfect for the weekend he and I had planned, because other than having to go in and out of a few stores or taking the new puppy out for bathroom breaks, we were inside all weekend.

Friday night kicked off with a movie night but did we watch a Christmas movie, heck no. We watched the Meg which was a movie about a Megalodon shark and it was really good. It was after the movie that we plotted our Christmas weekend.

When we got up Saturday morning, we already had a few inches of snow on the ground up in Newaygo County. This actually helped keep us at home and inside to work on decorating the Christmas tree.

I seemed to do most of the work which is fine since he was right there entertaining our puppy Jake. Plus Evan got in a little Minecraft while I put the tree together.

Once I got the lights on, my son finally joined in on decorating the tree and it looked pretty good but I kept thinking, I wonder if there is more we can do? Well, there was.

I have played music for many years and have acquired a lot of equipment for a variety of reasons and remembered I had some LED lighting that was just sitting in a crate. So I had the idea to light up living room with some concert lighting.

So we set up some staging lights that we had rotating slowly from color to color and it looked great. We left the lights on for another movie night.

Sunday we went shopping. This trip wasn't about me buying for people, although I did pick up a few things, this excursion consisted more of my son picking out gifts for the family members in our small bubble.

I have to say, my little guy did a heck of a job picking out gifts for the family. Because of COVID-19 I really wanted to limit the number of stores we shopped and we got pretty lucky and knocked out most of the shopping in one store. We only went to two other stores before we headed home to begin wrapping the days haul.

I think I'm going to shop this way next year because I learned something along the way about my son. I always ask him what he would like for Christmas and he always says I don't know, but I noticed when you get him in a store or two, he sees plenty that he likes and that really helped me out for my shopping that I will be doing this weekend.

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