Do you wish your boss would give you a bonus? Or do you just need a job? Here is a chance to get both!

According to WZZM, the economy is continuing to boom and the Zeeland based manufacturing company, Herman Miller, is stepping up with some new job opportunities you may not want to pass up.

Its a new year and maybe its time for you to get a new start working at Herman Miller in the office furniture manufacturing industry. Herman Miller also build home furnishings and other equipment.

Herman Miller are looking at beefing up the second and third shifts with new manufacturing associates and machine operators. Monday January 7th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. are the times to be there. The event is taking place at West Michigan Works on 121 Clover Street in Holland.

Dress for success and stop in because if you get hired you will get a signing bonus of $2000. Here is a link to the Herman Miller site where you can learn more about the new jobs.


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