Ever wonder what its like to sleep in the jungles of Africa at night? You can find out in a much safer location at a Michigan Zoo with their Sundown Safari.

I don't know about you because I do like to go camping, but to do so in Africa, well I think that would just be insane. Especially because I would no longer be on top of the food chain and a possible snack for a variety of animals that would be hunting at night.

Now I do love the sounds of the outdoors, even at night. Anytime I have watched a movie or a documentary where someone is sleeping in a tree in the jungle, the sounds have been extraordinarily amazing.

If you are the adventurous type but still want to be at the top of the food chain, there is a way to enjoy the best of both worlds and safe enough to bring the whole family.

According to MLive, it is called the Sundown Safari and it takes place at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan. This gives people of all ages a very special opportunity to have a jungle experience at night, without having to worry about being the main course for a hungry wild animal.

If the Sundown Safari is something you and the family would like to try, you have a very short window to participate in this unique opportunity. The dates and times for this event are 6:30 p.m. Saturday August 14 to 9:30 a.m. Sunday August 15. To be a part of this overnight experience, tickets for members are $30 and if you are a non-member they are $35. Just click here to get your tickets now.

This isn't an event where you bring the Winnebago or a pop up camper, but you can bring your tent and get their early with plenty of time to get set up then enjoy a guided tour of the zoo at night.

You will enjoy a night under the stars and some smores by a campfire, watch a movie and then enjoy the sounds of the jungle. Hopefully the movie they play is NOT Jurassic Park. Lol. There will also be a continental breakfast in morning plus you will get a tickets to enjoy the zoo for Sunday.

You must supply your own camping gear so plan ahead for your Sundown Safari.

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