The Gerald R. Ford International Airport continues to give you more options to fly and will be adding a new Midwest destination in 2020.

According to WOOD, in the spring of 2020 the Gerald R. Ford International airport will added its seventh Midwest Express and this one fly's to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Wednesday morning, airport officials announce a $90 million extension to Concourse A that will include 8 new gates and other perks.

The metro Grand Rapids airport will be adding a federal inspection station that will handle the screening of international commercial passenger flights.

G.R.F.I.A. will also be relocated their current traffic control tower.

Good news for tax payers because no local dollars will be needed to pay for the expansion. The airport will cover the costs with a combination of federal and state grants, municipal bonds and user fees.

I think I will book myself a tour of the Harley Davidson factory in Milwaukee.

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