There is an area group that is promoting generosity and they recently had lunch in a Grandville, Michigan restaurant and left behind nearly a $1000 tip.

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Who Are "Generosity Lunch?"

Generosity Lunch Facebook Page
Generosity Lunch Facebook Page

Generosity Lunch is a non-profit charity that was established in 2022 that usually consists of around 15 people who go out to lunch once a month. They like to demonstrate generosity in our community by getting everyone in the lunch group to bring $100.

Flashpop - Getty Images
Flashpop - Getty Images

How it works is each person at the lunch gives the host of the group $100. The host uses the money to pay for the lunch, and whatever money is left over is the tip for the waitress or waiter who takes care of their table.

The video below shows the Generosity Lunch group in action at Brann's in Grand Rapids.

The group has lunch monthly in a different location and their generosity really has an impact on the person waiting on them.

Cheerful young female Hispanic waitress smiles while counting out a large tip.
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In the video below, the Generosity Lunch leaves a very nice tip for the guy who waited on them at Bud & Stanley's Pub and Grub in Grand Rapids:

Generosity Lunch Visits Anna's House in Grandville

Generosity Lunch had lunch at Anna's House on 4/20/22 and left behind a smile with a different kind of green, a $960 tip.

According to WOOD, a waitress by the name of Jessica Wilterink was working a normal day at Anna's House. Wilterink was handling a lot of tables plus a large group in her section. That group happened to be Generosity Lunch who left behind the nearly $1,000 tip. Wilterink said, "I Honestly kind of blacked out. I was like 'wait a sec, is this for real? I started shaking and crying."

As you can see in the video above it was very real and pretty darn awesome.

How Can You Join the Generosity Group?

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If you would like to join the Generosity Lunch and help the group spread generosity all throughout West Michigan, just click here and fill out some information and you may have a lunch date next month, and help change someone's world.

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