Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a crazy story about a gator found in a guy's garage, and the response as it was removed and relocated to a shelter. It might or might not be eating all the other shelter animals.

WOODTV had a story about a Comstock Park apartment complex, where a family watched Kent County Animal Control remove a freaking ALLIGATOR from one of the garages!

So much for the witness' comment that seeing police surrounding the complex was "nothing new". First time for everything, right?

Also, Justin talks about an event he's excited about... but not excited enough to have actually attended: Veg-Fest! There was a bit of confusion at first that it was Vag-Fest, but that was worked out quickly.

Apparently, the "dozens" of attendees had a time. Not necessarily a good time, but they had something at the event.

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