Well if you're tired of getting piled on at the pump, the piling will continue as gas prices are expected to peak soon.

According to WZZM, in the past week in Grand Rapids, gas prices have shot up 8.7 cents per gallon.

Gas is up nearly 6 cents per gallon since a month ago, but almost 9 cents from a year ago.

GasBuddy.com says the cheapest gas in Grand Rapids clocks in at $2.69/g while the most expensive is at $2.99/g.

The average price of gas is up in the last week 1.3 cents per gallon with an average price of $2.89.

The cheapest gas in the United States is is $2.15/g while the most expensive is $5.58/g. I could not imagine having to pay over $5 per gallon.

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