As if gas prices have not been high enough this year - according to, gas prices are going to rise higher just before we get to the 4th of July weekend.

Although the average gas prices went down for a week all across America and prices were down 21 cents per gallon here in Grand Rapids, that will all go away over the next few days.

Just as temperatures will be rising and people will be heading to the beaches gas prices will be rising as mercury rising on the temperature gauge.

GasBuddy senior petroleum analyst, Patrick DeHaan said, "OPEC's Friday Decision to increase oil production by 600,00 barrels caused the price of crude to increase 5 percent which is going to make the price you pay at the pump to go up."

DeHaan advised for you to fill your tank up immediately.

DeHaan said, "gas prices today in Indiana went back up to $2.99, and usually Michigan follows Indiana or goes up a little bit more. So we could be talking about perhaps hitting the $3 mark, maybe going back up to $3.09."

This would be a huge jump since some West Michigan gas stations are selling gas for around $2.60 per gallon.

He also mentioned that prices will start to move back down slightly just before July 4th.


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