AAA has reported that gas prices in Michigan are spiking. Prices for fuel have jumped up 11 cents per gallon in the past week. 

Michigan drivers are now paying an average of $2.50 for regular unleaded which are the highest prices seen since January 2020. For a 15 gallon tank Michiganders are paying an average of $38.

gas pump

Demand for gas has dropped, however, pump prices have increased moderately, signaling that expensive crude oil prices are driving the price. Adrienne Woodland a spokesperson for AAA - The Auto Club Group tells FOX 17,

"An increase in crude utilization and increasing crude prices have attributed to higher pump prices. It's likely that drivers will see this trend continue through the month of February."

In Michigan, the cities with the highest gas prices are: Jackson, Saginaw and Grand Rapids. In Grand Rapids, the average price for gas is $2.54 per gallon. You'll find the least expensive gas prices in Traverse City, Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Boris Horvat/AFP via Getty Images
Boris Horvat/AFP via Getty Images

AAA says this price is 32 cents more than this time last month and 12 cents more than this time last year. AAA surveys 130,000 stations in the nation and more than 4,200 stations in Michigan based on credit card swipes.

You can try to find cheaper gas prices before your next fill up by searching here.


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