I have realized that when I used to work at a local game store, that I used to post on Facebook when someone odd, strange, or just plain annoying would come into the store.

I have worked at a few game stores in my life. One of them a well known company, and the other a local business here in town.

Over the years, I have met some interesting people, and I think I want to start sharing these stories with you.

My first story that I will start off with is this guy who supposedly had a Atari 2600, Mint in Box, sealed, and signed by Nolan Bushnell (Father of Atari).

First thing, this guy smelled like some sort of trash dumpster and just traded me some really ratty ass Xbox 360 games as people usually did.

He went to tell me about this glorious game collection he has, and that's when he dropped that he owned this piece of modern treasure. I of course, questioned him.

"What is it that you have?"

"An Atari game system, sealed in the box, signed by the man who created it."

"Ok, who signed it?"

"You know, the man who created it!"

"That's all fine and good, but who signed it?"

He couldn't answer this question.

First of all, if you are a game collector, you know who Nolan Bushnell is and you can back it up. I asked him if he could bring it in sometime or show me pictures, but he never could because he had reasons like it was at his Ex's place or something.

Finally, he did ask me how much he could get for it. I told him I'd have to see it first, but he figures he could get $60,000.

In your dreams buddy, and go take a shower please.