Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a story from Galesburg, when a group of thieves stole wheels and tires, leaving over $100,000 in damages at the Ford Dealership.

First up, the guys lament the loss of their Whitecaps players, who would come visit them. Blaise and Cam got raised up by the Tigers organization, because they've been kicking ass this season, and now they're not here to visit and make fun of their teammates!

Then, there was some thievery in Galesburg, when dozens of wheels and tires were stolen from the Ford dealership, and then vehicled left on the ground, causing six-figures in damages. Kalamazoo sheriffs are working on the finding the criminals around the clock.

Keep your eyes open for an upcoming "scratch and dent" sale at the Ford might get a great bargain on a new car or truck, just missing wheels!

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