Last summer, Funko released the first of its Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice collectibles in an exclusive set at San Diego Comic-Con. For those of you who couldn't attend, and didn't want to pay exorbitant prices on the secondary market, we have good news--there are a bunch of new Funko Pops, Minis, Idolz, and bobbleheads coming. It's not really all that surprising. There was no way there was only going to be two Funko Pops for DC's biggest film of the year. At least now we know what to expect in the coming months... at least so far as the heroes are concerned.

At this point in the Funko game, you'd actually have a harder time thinking of something the company hasn't created at least one Pop for than things it has. Batman V Superman is getting the full-court press from Funko, too, with every aspect of the company's various lines getting in on the action. You want a tiny, baby Batman driving a Batmobile? You got it. Want to chew on Aquaman while thinking about what to write in your journal? Yeah, they got you covered there, too.

With the upcoming Pops, you'll be able to buy the Batman and Superman that were packed together (and currently going for three figures online) separately for about $10 a piece. Nothing different about these except that they come in single boxes by themselves. Plus, now there's a Wonder Woman and an Aquaman you can add to the mix, and still end up paying substantially less than you would for a box with a sticker that says SDCC on it.

I'm still not entirely sold on this Khal Aquaman interpretation, but that's mostly because it looks kind of goofy as a cute action figure. And that the other toys released so far look more like Rob Zombie than they do Jason Momoa. The Wonder Woman is solid though, and continues to make the case that she's going to be the most interesting part of this movie. Definitely more interesting than Superman Soldier. Why is that a thing again?

Seeing Batman and Superman in the Vinyl Idolz style is quite hilarious, as Batman's never look as uninterested in life as he has with this figure. Well, on second thought, maybe it does capture the essence of Batfleck quite well. The big eyes and heavy eyebrows on the Superman make him look more like a beardless Non from Superman II than they do Henry Cavill. I know the Vinyl Idolz aren't supposed to be exact likenesses, but that caricature is just off enough to drive me nuts. No Wonder Woman or Aquaman is odd given how much they show up every where else, but maybe they'll be coming later.

The Dorbz and the Wacky Wobblers do the job they're intended to, but it's really the Pop Pen Toppers that have caught my eye. I didn't realize that little people on the top of pens was still a thing. Funko has show me the light, and now all I want to do is buy pens that have characters on them. Not really, obviously. I think any pen other than a Uni-ball Vision fine point is a nightmare. But that Funko's trying to make these kinds of pens a thing again is certainly something.


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