Green goo has been coming out near a Detroit freeway and now that state has ponied up over a half a million dollars to clean it up.

According to WOOD, an industrial building linked to the green goo will be demolished in order to stop the toxic spill.

The site is the old Electro-Plating Service building in Oakland County. There is a court battle going on regarding the building and the cleanup of the location that could cost more than one million dollars.

Madison Heights City Manager Melissa Marsh said, "I'm very excited to hear it. It's definitely a win for all involved. It affects the whole region.

The state shut down Electro-Plating Services in 2016 for not properly handling their industrial waste. The company was running for close to 50 years but it us unclear at this time how much damage has really been done. The owner is currently residing in prison for a year for his illegal storing of hazardous materials.

If you have been down Interstate 696 you may have seen the neon goo that is creeping out of a concrete barrier next to the road. This was being pumped somewhere into the ground and worked its way through the soil.

The is a plan being put into place to restore the land by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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