From flags to undergarments and, yes, even dead rats, you just never know what metal fans may wind up throwing onstage.

Out on the road promoting last year's Garden of Burning Apparitions album, grind act Full of Hell made a stop at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, Ill. on Sept. 30 along with tourmates Blood Incantation, Vermin Womb, Mortuous and God Is War.

At one point during the set, as captured in the fan-filmed video toward the bottom of the page, vocalist Dylan Walker looks down by his feet and notices a dead rat on the stage floor. He takes a moment as the band finishes out the song and then crouches down and (using a napkin, thankfully) picks up the rat by the tail and holds it high in the air for the crowd to see. The rat's corpse is gently laid down near one of the monitors and one up-close fan reaches out and taps the body with their finger.


Rats and mice are notorious carriers of disease, so Walker definitely had the right idea in using anything as a barrier between his flesh and the rodent. These are the same creatures that spread the Black Plague throughout Europe in the 1300s, where an estimated 30 to 50 percent of the continent's populated died as a result of that particular pandemic between 1347 and 1351.

What that means is don't touch dead vermin with your bare hands, silly. And definitely don't touch dead vermin with your bare hands and then hurl it in the direction of a band onstage.

Full of Hell Deal With Dead Rat Thrown Onstage

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