Those who live in Wyoming, Michigan, that have gotten accustomed to fresh fruit from Ken's Fruit Market will have seek else where for fresh goods since the market will be closings its doors.

Ken's Fruit Market manager Alex Courts said, "We've decided to close down this location here in Wyoming. We need to take a step back in our business and just kind of focus on our other locations, and this one isn't doing as well as our other ones."

Ken's Fruit Market locations that are in Alger Heights and Plainfield Avenue are doing good business but the location on 28th Street in Wyoming has just not been performing well. One issue that was sited about the store was lack of solid employees.

Courts went on to say, "It's tough everywhere, but this location seems to be one of the hardest to find help for."

Ken Courts and his wife started Ken's Fruit Marked back in 2010. Their goal, with the help of their son Alex, was to sell the freshest meats and produce with a simple in and out shopping experience.

Courts said, "Service is the number one thing. We try to provide great service to each customer that walks through the door. Just a friendly interaction whenever they come in."

A regular customer by the name of Ed Peterman said, "The prices, and its convenient, its very convenient. I only live about a mile from here, so I come in here all the time. I'm going to miss this store."

Another customer, Charlie Wood said, " The freshness and everything else, we've been coming here since it opened."

The Courts family will focus on the remaining two stores and look to expand again in the future.