I'm no stranger to weird nights drinking at various Grand Rapids establishments and I hear a ton of messed up crap! This is one of those tales. It's another edition of From the Bar Stool. I was a little drunk and on the phone with an old buddy of mine from Florida the other night and he told me how this thing went down. Says the grandmother had custody of the 8 week old grandson because her daughter, the baby mama, went to jail. As soon as the 45 year old grandma got custody, she started offering to sell the baby to people!

Cops aren’t saying yet weather she was using Craig list or something else, but a potential buyer of the 8 week old baby alerted cops as to what the grandma was trying to do, and the cops set up a sting operation. At first the grandma wanted $75K for the baby, but undercover cops talked her down to just $30K for the baby, and the grandma finally agreed to the price.

So a few weeks ago I guess, cops met this 45 year old Grandma and her 42 year old boyfriend in a Best Buy parking lot to make the exchange. $30k for the baby, and they said they would bring cash. Sure enough, when they got there, the grandma and boyfriend started unloading a bunch of baby toys and a stroller, and then they handed over the baby!

They took the cash, said thank you very much. But as soon as the baby was safely strapped into the undercover cop’s baby seat, a bunch of other cops swarmed in and busted this horrible baby selling grandma and her boyfriend! They were both charged with illegal sale of a child, and I have no idea how much prison time they can get for that, but lets hope it’s a freaking lot!

Better yet, let’s hope it’s the death penalty! I say death to the baby selling grandma! I’m just glad the cops caught her and she didn’t end up really selling the baby to someone else. Worst grandmother ever? Yep.

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