Imagine missing one property tax payment and losing your house over it.

A woman in Richland, Mich., near Kalamazoo now finds herself even closer to that predicament, WXMI Fox17 reported.

After a bad accident a couple of years ago, Deborah Calley suffered serious injuries, including bruising on her brain.

Because of that, she was confused and forgetful for a period of time. But Calley says she is not responsible for the missed payment because she was not properly notified a property tax payment had been missed back in 2011.

Because of all this, her home is now scheduled for a public auction and will be sold to the highest bidder unless a judge intervenes. However, a judge this week gave the green light for Calley's home to be sold.

Call Kalamazoo County Treasurer Mary Balkema at (269) 384-8124 or email her and politely urge her to find a better way to resolve this.

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