Drunken nights make for great stories.

Some 7-Eleven convenience store employees in San Jose, Calif., lost their patience pretty quickly when this belligerent couple stumbles in, yelling and knocking things over.

While drunk people can be really annoying, the physical reaction of the employees in this video seems a bit over the top.

The video begins part way through the altercation with the drunken woman yelling about how the cashier apparently told her to “go die somewhere.”

About 1 minute, 18 seconds into the action, the s**t starts to get real.

The boyfriend looks like he was trying to leave before he was assaulted by a worker. By the end, one of the employees pushes the woman to the ground and then literally kicks her and her boyfriend out the door.

The best part is everyone knows they are being taped. Apparently no one seems to think their behavior is anything less than appropriate.

Take a look and judge for yourself.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings