Have you ever gauged your ears before? Are they gauged now? Many people can live normal lives with their earrings, but my ears took a turn for the worse when I gauged them. I started to grow a keloid scar...and man, do they suck. Eric Zane has noticed them over the past year and they just needed to know, so I joined them on air!

Check out the chat here! (and their hilarious intro song)

Here is the story for those who REALLY want to know my uphill battle with these things:

Got piercings my Senior Year of High School, started to gauge at an improper time.

  • Keloid scars grew, decided to take out piercings
  • Went to doctor, told me what they were, suggested Dermatologist
  • Dermo. suggested Cortizone injections (ouch...)
  • Cortizone injections didn't work, LET'S CUT EM' OFF with a searing hot wire and apply a skin eating lotion...guess what? They came back.
  • Cortizone injections again, didn't work.
  • Let's try removing them again! But while they are healing, inject with Cortizone into the raw skin...just awful feeling....you know what? CAME BACK!
  • Short laser burst that burn the inside of the skin to prevent blood flow to the area...still grew...we did this a few times, which Cortizone injections included!
  • New type of laser meant for Burn Victims came out, let's give that a shot...yea...still didn't work.
  • My wedding was coming up, let's remove them again so I don't look awful in my memorable pics...also let's give another Cortizone shot to them or two. After the honeymoon...regrowth!
  • The option of Radiation came up, but could bring in long terms effects...yea, let's not.
  • Dermo. said "We have tried everything and it just seems like your body doesn't want to work with us."

In the end, my Dermatologist was awesome and did everything in his power, but my ears just hate me.

I have always wanted to be on their show, and I had a blast with it!