That was especially true for Andrea, a contestant on the CBS-TV game show who did not even have to play to win her prize of a brand new car.

Andrea simply made her first guess and then sat back and enjoyed the spoils of human error.

Manuela Arbelaez, a six-year veteran prize model on the show, seemingly went on auto pilot when pulling possible price tags and made what we assume is the most expensive blunder of her career.

She made the mistake of uncovering the correct price of the car and a “WIN!” tag underneath -- a moment that contestant Andrea took advantage of and yelled “I won it!” as Manuela realized her mistake.

Arbelaez's humiliation is clear as she tried to put the tag back, cover her face and even hid behind the price board.

It’s OK. You just got lots of publicity for yourself and the show. Plus, Andrea gets to walk away with a new car. Everybody wins!

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