Walmart is a great place.

You walk in there and you're walking out with just about anything you can imagine.

Tires for your car?  Got 'em.

A new stereo?  No problem.

And in the case of this Muncie, Ind., Walmart, meth?  Yup!

An employee at the store noticed a man with a backpack acting suspiciously and, when he came out of the men's restroom, he no longer had his backpack.  

Upon further inspection, it was confirmed the man was running a mobile meth lab out of his backpack in the Walmart restroom, Indianapolis' WISH-TV8 reported.  

The men's restroom and nearby women's restroom were shut down by the Delaware County Health Department while the Indiana State Police's Meth Suppression Team was called in to clean up the mess, The Muncie Star-Press reported.

The restrooms were closed off during the cleanup, but the remainder of the store stayed open.

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