Free Beer & Hot Wings brought their annual Live at Night show to the DeVos Performance Hall Saturday April 20, 2019 to another sold out crowd.

No rest for the cast of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show this past Easter Weekend as they took to the stage at DeVos Performance Hall for a version of their show you cannot hear on the radio and can only see live in person. My guess would probably be because of the FCC rules won't allow what they do live in person on the radio.

Producer Joe returned back to the stage this year with Gregg "Free Beer" Daniels, Chris "Hot Wings" Michels, Producer Steve, Maitlynn, Zach and the newest cast member Kelly Cheese.

This was Cheese's first Live at Night show with the rest of the cast and she seemed to fit right in as if she has been on the show for years.

The show is set up with a giant video screen for a backdrop which helps those in the upper seating area's see what's going on...and trust me...there's a lot to see. Free Beer & Hot Wings seat centered with Producer Steve on one side to run the video screen and Producer Joe and Kelly on the other side. Zach and Maitlynn help bring contestants up and down from the stage who sit on couches that are on both sides of the stage.

You never know what these guys and gals are gonna do on stage so it always surprises me on how many people want to volunteer to be on stage with them. When anyone from the Free Beer & Hot Wings cast asks the audience..."Would You Like to Volunteer", people start jumping up everywhere to get on that stage to be a part of a bit.

Free Beer selected a guy and a gal to play a simple game of bingo...well sort of. Free Beer said, "We need a bingo board to play the game", while a song played that sang b-i-n-g-o, b-i-n-g-o...I think you get it. Then a big man in shorts walked from behind the curtain with circles of peanut butter all over his body that were hiding the letters b-i-n-g-o. The two contestants took turns licking off the peanut butter to see who could spell out the word bingo first. I can't believe they both did it, and did it like champions. It was so funny and so gross at the same time but definitely had the whole audience on the edge of their seats the entire bit.

There was so much more that went on and since I already gave one of the bits away, I will just stop there as to not give a way the rest of the show since the guys performs variations of these shows at markets all across the United States throughout the year.

If you have not seen it yet, put Live at Night with the Free Beer and Hot Wings show on your list of things to do in 2020.

One thing is for certain, West Michigan loves the Free Beer and Hot Wings show on the radio and they love it Live at Night.



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