It was busy weekend for Bill Cosby.

The comedian racked up a new heckler, he was met with protesters and more rape allegations were lodged against him.

The heckler interrupted his Friday night show at Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric in Baltimore, where protests against his appearance were held, Baltimore's WMAR-TV ABC2 News reported.

One of Cosby's jokes during the show included the line: "I looked around and nobody in my brain spoke up."

A heckler shouted back: "Thirty-eight women spoke up and called you a rapist!"

As we have come to expect, Cosby's fans tried to shout the heckler down -- and he told them to just ignore him, Baltimore's City Paper reported.

The heckler told the people around him: "They'll throw me out in a minute; don't worry." And then he continued.

And when Cosby said he was going to tell more jokes, the heckler said: "Tell the one about how to get away with rape!"

As the heckler predicted, he was thrown out.

In addition, two more women came forward with claims that they were raped by Cosby, The Daily Mail reported.

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