If you make the claim that you have the world's hardest head, someone is going to call you on it at some point and you're going to have to prove it.

Well, this guy did just that. And the way he proved it will make you cringe.

No, he didn't have some special device with dials and gauges to measure how hard his skull is.

But he did have a frying pan and he repeatedly put it to the test. It's cringe worthy.

The noise he made by repeatedly smacking himself in the head with a frying pan was incredible. It sounded a lot like a cowbell, so we had fun editing the cartoonish sound into many different songs.

Jim, a listener of "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" from Albany, N.Y., seemed to enjoy hard-head guy, too. So, he took some audio from our show and synched it up with the video of this hard-headed idiot and sent it in.

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