A Wisconsin women's group wanted to send a message to state lawmakers that drug testing people in order to receive welfare was unfair.

So, it did so in a very strange way.

Instead of getting signatures on a petition or staging a protest, the Wisconsin National Organization for Women gathered a bunch of new urine sample cups and delivered them to the Madison, Wis., offices of Wisconsin State Assembly Republican lawmakers on Monday, NBC-15 WMTV reported.

There are a few reasons why the group says drug testing is unfair. It believes it is a violation of privacy, a violation of the Fourth Amendment (which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures) and that it will cause embarrassment for those being tested.

But what the group seems to be forgetting is these tests are to test for the presence of illegal drugs. And if something is illegal, well, it's illegal.

If you don't want to be embarrassed, don't do illegal drugs. Seems simple, right?

So, they delivered urine sample cups in protest. Well, good news, ladies: Your cups will probably be used for their intended purpose. So, thanks for saving the taxpayers a few bucks!

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