This seems like the most successful prayerful protest ever.

While driving through Flint recently, a church pastor was praying to God and asked him for a challenge.

Something exciting and out of the ordinary. At the time, Christina Tipton was driving past Little Darlings, a strip club on Dort Highway. She says the mission became clear to her at that moment.

The Grand Blanc fellowship started by praying in the parking lot. Eventually, they were invited inside, said Doug Tipton, also a pastor at New Life Christian Fellowship and Christina's spouse.

After some of the inappropriate furnishings were covered up, they began holding church services inside the strip club. Some former dancers were converted. And they hosted Christian bands.

Well, it seems like it all worked out because Little Darlings CLOSED ITS DOORS last week, Banana 101.5 and WJRT-TV reported.

So, again, most successful protest ever? This sure seems like it!