It'll probably be pretty hard to find a parent that doesn't agree with how this parent handled this situation.

After being made aware of an inappropriate text conversation between his 15-year-old child and her 42-year-old teacher, a Baltimore father was NOT happy at all.

The police were alerted to the "relationship" and after an officer read over the texts, it was described as an "emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student." However, no laws were broken by the teacher.

The teacher then did something really stupid.

They went to the house of the student to speak with the father. The father did not take kindly to this and told the Perry Hall High School teacher to leave, but the teacher remained.

So, what did the father do? He pulled out a baseball bat and took matters into his own hands!

The teacher suffered some minor injuries and chose (wisely) to not press charges, WMAR-TV reported.

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