Today on Segment 16, the guys check out the headliners for this year's Tulip Time festival, and then not only research some of the performers, but listen to them! Then, one musician triggers Free Beer and Hot Wings into singing!

The Beach Boys will be headlining this coming May's Tulip Time in Holland. So get out your wooden shoes, and get ready for that one guy from the Beach Boys, and those other dudes he takes on tour. There are also some other bands on the bill, including some guys who may or may not have have Photoshopped facial hair, and some fiddlers who are only there to get Free Beer to go.

This leads the guys down the rabbit-hole of past headliners, and into Starship territory. Which triggers a memory in Free Beer and Hot Wings, and they start to sing the Mickey Thomas birthday song. Which blows Joe completely away.

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