The guys are excited for their Carite appearance coming up this Saturday! They'e celebrating the trip to Kalamazoo, where they're all going together! This is the first time they'll all be out together, except for the live shows. Should they get a commission for selling cars while they're there?

Joe's intention is to make some sales, he's not even going to let the salespeople do it. Joe also won't be able to get rid of his car, because of the soiling and footprints on the headliner. Don't ask.

Then, Free Beer reminds everyone about the charity event he's hosting, and asks for some help with auction items for Team Blair. (Blair is being treated for inoperable glioblastoma.) Please help with some cool items that can be auctioned off. Email

Eric happens to know an auctioneer, and this kicks off the tangent where we all learn of Hot Wings' HATRED of auctioneers and how they speak. He can't understand it, and doesn't think it should be allowed as a language. Just speak English!

Things go south from there.