Fozzy, the rock band fronted by AEW superstar Chris Jericho, have been chatting up their new album, Boombox, for quite some time and, 10 months after releasing a music video for the single "Sane," the band is back with another fresh cut by way of "I Still Burn." With their eyes on the future, there's also a cause for celebration of the past as the their hit single "Judas" has been certified gold in the United States.

"I Still Burn is the story of the dreams, the passion and the fire that lies within all of us to be the absolute best we can be...and to do WHATEVER it takes to achieve the goals that make our dreams come true," exclaimed Jericho, who continued, "The sacrifices, the losses, and the triumphs that we have all experienced make up the lyrical DNA of this song. 'I Still Burn' is Fozzy's mission statement, our life's work and our destiny...and we are so proud to share this message of victory with our Fozzy family!! Plus, Rich's guitar solo fuckin' rules!!!"

Lead guitarist Rich Ward added, "My entire career has been about pushing to the summit of the climb, never satisfied with boiling water with the Sherpas at Base Camp 2. I’ve been touring and making records for three decades, and I remain as passionate as ever. 'I Still Burn' is the story of the fire that fuels that passion. This is our story!"

Listen to "I Still Burn" further down the page and pre-order your copy of Boombox, out May 6, here. Look for Fozzy to hit the road starting in late May on a headlining U.S. tour at these dates too.

Commenting on the gold certification by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), Jericho beamed, "Being awarded a GOLD record has been a dream of mine ever since I started listening to The Beatles at nine years old and saw a picture of them getting an award for Beatles VI. Then as I grew older and heard Ozzy talk about his “gold discs” and seeing the walls of Rudolf Schenker’s house plastered with framed Scorpions awards, I set my goals on someday getting one of my own. And for ‘Judas’ to have sold 500,000 units in this day and age, completely blows my mind as a fan and a musician, and also makes me realize how far Fozzy has come and how far we are going to go!! Thanks to ALL OF YOU for making this dream come true for me and the guys. I can’t wait to hang my award on my wall…just like Rudolf.”

Fozzy, "I Still Burn" Music Video + Single Art

Fozzy, "I Still Burn"
Sony/Century Media/Mascot

Fozzy, Boombox Artwork

Fozzy, 'Boombox'
Sony/Century Media/Mascot

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