Since taking over for Mike Avery on the Fox 17 Morning show last month, Ryan Cummings has used his social media accounts to give us a look behind the scenes of the morning newscast. Today he featured meteorologist Candace Monacelli and her tube sock hair bun hack.

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The weathercaster describes the styling trick as "A very old classic hairstyle for end of the week dirty hair ha!"

In the pictures posted, you can see the sock is used to hold up the base of the bun so that styling the bun is a snap.

Numerous comments on the post then prodded for more information on how she pulled this off:

How did she cover the socks so easily? I think I need a video! Lol!

I can barely manage a hair pin, she’s on another level I’ll never make it to! 😂

Instructions or do a video Candace.

And one mother mentioned that this is an old ballet dancer trick:

A trick I learned for my daughter who was in ballet

Candace then obliged the requests and did a quick video showing how to use the sock to create the perfect bun. You can see that video in the comments here.

📷 Ryan Cummings/Facebook
📷 Ryan Cummings/Facebook

A couple of key takeaways, make sure you wash the sock, and you have to cut off the toe to make the trick work.

Perhaps we need more hacks like these from our local TV personalities? They're on TV every day and seem to make looking good, look easy.

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