The still haven't found Jimmy Hoffa's body but they did nab a former United Auto Worker Official.

According to WOOD, the former UAW official has been accused of several crimes including bribes, money laundering and conspiracy.

Mike Grimes from Fort Myers, Florida is looking at 4 years in the big house, and I'm not talking U of M stadium either, after pleading guilty in a federal court in Detroit.

Grimes was formerly employed at a UAW General Motors training center and is now the 9th person to get convicted of corruption in the organization. Other officials worked for the UAW and Fiat Chrysler center.

Grimes attorney, Michael Manley says his client is "crushed by what he has done" to the unions reputation.

The UAW said in a statement that Grimes conduct was "disgraceful."

Two more UAW officials have been visited by federal authorities including the Detroit UAW president Gary Jones and California's Dennis Williams.

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