Do you remember Pizza Rat?  For one, I can’t believe it was all the way back in 2015 when he emerged, but someone caught on video, a rat that didn’t just take a nibble or two of a piece of pizza, he actually decided to drag a whole slice of pizza back to his lair in the NYC subway system.

Well, fast forward to 2020 and Michigan seems to have its own hungry critter.  It’s not a rat though, it a squirrel - of course, right, we have SO MANY OF THEM!!! But it’s a squirrel that is addicted to Cheetos. I’m going to aptly name him, Michigan’s Cheeto Squirrel.

Facebook user, Amber Stokosa posted a video yesterday on the social media site of a squirrel that had found some Cheetos in a golf cart that a golfer had left, presumably while they played a hole. And as you can see in the video, he went to town on the snack.

this happened last week and I figured the internet could use a laugh. a squirrel hopped into a golf cart and stole someone’s cheetos. turns out cheeto dust affects squirrels just as much as humans. 😂

When Amber sees the little guy under the golf cart she also notices that just like humans often do after devouring the treat, he has Cheeto dust all over his face and probably paws.  He also seems super friendly, trying to get a closer look as to see if maybe she has anymore Cheetos, or maybe a Mountain Dew Code Red? I feel like that’s the drink of choice to a Cheeto binge.

Note to self: hide my Cheetos if I'm outside - or better yet, eat them quicker.

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