After the massive unemployment that has been caused because of the pandemic, it's nice to hear Ford will be adding 200 jobs to the state of Michigan.

According to WOOD, Ford is beefing up their electric vehicle division even before the vehicles have been rolled out to the public. Two states will see the benefit of new jobs with one being Michigan and the other being Missouri.

Ford will build a new all electric F-150 pickup truck and because of that 200 jobs will be created in Dearborn at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. Unfortunately we will all have to wait a bit to get our hands on this bad boy since won't head down the assembly line until the middle of 2022 but good things come to those who wait.

Missouri will get the electric van plant. While Oakville, Ontario and Mexico will build components for the electric vehicles.

Ford is not skimping around on their electric vehicle investing with $11.5 billion to go into factories from now through 2022. Sounds like Ford has a priority in the electric vehicle field, hopefully there is a reasonable price that will go along with the new rides.

Sterling Heights, Mich., was also get some of the that investment with about $150 million to build electric motors and transaxles. Although this won't add more Michigan jobs, there is a silver lining - 225 jobs will be saved because of the investment.

Ford is the lead dog now in the United States on electric vehicles and they are on a path to add more factories and create more jobs as more new models are added to the electric vehicle lineup.

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