Facebook Marketplace can be a great place to find things for sale. I've bought a washer and dryer from someone and they lasted for a long time. You can often find cars and trucks for sale, but I've never seen anything like "The Redneck Winnebago."

Credit: Ike Hansen via Facebook
Credit: Ike Hansen via Facebook

It was posted in the Grand Rapids Garage Sale group for $6,000 OBO.

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Details About The Redneck Winnebago

-1995 international school bus converted into motorhome with a 7.3 turbo diesel engine
-Custom paint
-Onboard generator
-Two big batteries
-Two beds
-Hammock in front
-5 seats
-Battery disconnect to reserve a battery for starting
-Hydraulic down-riggers/levelers in the rear
-Suspension hitch built to gently haul race trailer
-Fresh and wastewater tanks
-Awning in great shape
-Automatic transmission
-Good tires and two spares
-Will tow an entire state, hook anything to the back of this and you won’t know it’s there, guaranteed
-Runs and drives
-The shower worked but was made into a closet, which could easily be made usable again, with no leaks.
-Great start for your dream bus or use it as is, ready to camp, drive it home!

Check Out The Redneck Winnebago

You Can Buy "The Redneck Winnebago"

The Redneck Winnebago is for sale in the Grand Rapids Garage Sale group on Facebook and is a 1995 international school bus converted into a motorhome with a 7.3 turbo diesel engine. You can buy it for $6,000 OBO.

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