Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer says if high school sports are able to switch seasons, this could help in keeping a second wave of COVID-19 at bay.

I'm a parent with a young son and I am more worried about my son going back to school and what steps the school has made to ensure my son along with all students are able to attend safely. Sports has really not been an issue for my household, just education.

I also know that high school sports are very important to the kids, the schools and the communities they are in.

We are about a month away from what ever plan schools have in mind for kids and sports this year but by August, schools are going to have to make a decision all across the state.

According to WOOD, Gov. Whitmere's briefing on Tuesday outlined what sports might look like at high schools. The possibility of Football being played in the spring and moving track and field, tennis and golf into the fall.

The idea is to move sports that have less contact into the fall and sports with more contact into the spring.

Now depending what the outbreak looks like in your school district, that will play into how the school attempts to have sports and even fans in the bleachers.

There will be a lot of new steps for student athletes, coaches and fans in order for all this to take place. Washing hands, sanitizing equipment before during and after the game. Fans would be required to wear masks and watch the event at least 6 feet a part.

I think schools should think about extra grand stands at events and more areas ground level to watch the event with proper social distancing if there is room and if there isn't, then less people will be attending for safety reasons.

Detailed steps and procedures, guidance for students, fans and staff alike include proper hygiene practice before, during and after the event. A health confirmation would be required like a signature. Equipment would be routinely disinfected throughout play and fans would have to wear masks and observe six feet of social distance at all times.

It looks like the Michigan High School Athletic Association will consider all recommendations from the governor and health officials and will make their announcement no later than July 25. For now we all must wait.

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