People keep getting creative on helping others and one food truck in Rockford, Michigan, customers have been donating money to feed truckers and essential workers.

According to WOOD, the Mata Fun Food Concessions has a food truck they have been parking at the Ed Koehn Chevrolet in Rockford Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

What has been happening is when someone stops by to order a meal, they have been giving the food truck and extra $10 to feed a trucker or essential worker. Basically paying it forward to help others on the front lines of the pandemic.

So if you drive a truck or are working in the medical field, just stop by the food truck in Rockford and get a well deserved free meal.

If you are in the area looking to get some lunch for yourself and have some extra money, feel free to make the donation. Heck you don't have to buy a meal to donate to give someone a meal.

The food truck is selling a variety of items like Italian sausage, beverages and you can even get an elephant ear and so much more.

In order for the food truck to keep up giving the meals to essential workers, folks are reminded to keep donating an extra $8 to $10 to help out.


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