Oxford, England quintet Foals have been in the music scene for quite awhile now, but it wasn't until the past year that they've been making waves in America. The "Inhaler" hitmakers were one of the featured performers at Orion Music + More in Detroit and talked to us about breaking into the U.S. market, their new album Holy Fire and more.

Foals had plans set in motion to conquer the world continent by continent. Gaining the attention of American music fans was a goal from Day 1.

"The master plan of our world domination is actually quite like an easy one," guitarist Jimmy Smith says. "There always seems to be a steady curve. In England it went a bit quicker because it's smaller so word gets around faster. This is our fifth American tour now. It feels like the shows are growing naturally. The audience is expanding and getting more diverse, and radio is playing our songs now. It doesn't feel like we rushed anything."

Holy Fire was released in March of this year and the pace of the songs change at times. Finalizing the order of a record can be just as hard as recording.

"Track listing is a nightmare after you've made a record," Smith admits. "You end up eliminating songs, or each song has to work with each other. It was hard on this record because it was a bit more like each song had its own space. We were very particular to not have two songs sound the same or do the same thing. We dropped a couple of songs, maybe they should have been on the record or not. I think we got the flow pretty good."

View the entire interview with Foals below. Holy Fire is available in stores now.

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