The Muskegon Fire Department were called to a blaze at a storage facility Friday morning and think someone living in one of the units may have started the fire.

According to FOX 17, the 911 caller, a renter of one of the storage units, reported that she was in her rental unit when a candle ignited combustible materials. The renter, a 37-year-old female, made it out of the fire on her own with some minor injuries.

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Muskegon Fire Department Director Jay Paulson said by the time the crew arrived at the Self-Storage Muskegon that is just off E. Laketon Avenue,  the building was engulfed in flames.

The fire department believe the fire had begun in the middle of the units then quickly spread to the attic.

If you have ever been in a storage unit, other than the concrete floor, the entire unit is open wood from the walls to the ceiling. There is nothing that would slow down ablaze if it gets hot enough inside a storage unit.

Out of all the units where the fire was located, only six units didn't get damaged but from the looks of the building, the whole building will have to be replaced. Even one of the buildings nearby had the siding melt from the heat of the fire.

A fire at a storage unit can be very costly for the owners and for those renting the units. I have had several storage units over the years for my bands. We used them as rehearsal rooms and storage. We also insured our unit and good thing because ours was broken into and all of the gear was taken.

From my days of using storage units, it was common from time to time to notice someone living in a unit for whatever reason. One of the fire crew members believes someone may have been living inside one of the units and may have accidentally started the fire.

The blaze was so hot, the Muskegon Fire Department had to bring in some heavy equipment to move things around to make sure there were no hot embers. The department used a backhoe to push everything around to make sure the fire couldn't restart.

If you have rented a unit at the storage facility, the fire department says you will be able to enter to access your unit later in the afternoon.

Hopefully, those who lost everything had their unit insured.

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