I've had my house for over a year and have not hung anything on the walls at all, until this weekend.

It's no secret that I am an avid hunter and fisherman. I love the outdoors and I am so stoked that my son loves it too.

I work a lot of hours and have a long commute to and from work which doesn't leave a lot of time for extra stuff. Also, the weekends I have my son, I try to keep absolutely free so he and I can just do stuff together.

So, it's no surprise that I have not put anything on my walls yet not to mention it’s really a two person job to do so.

Well my sister, brother-in-law and nephew came into town early on Friday and scooped up my son from his mom's house and headed up to my place. When I got home the boys were out riding their bikes and my sister was kicking ass in the kitchen...yes a home cooked meal.

So the boys, my brother-in-law and I did a small hike around the property to check the trail cameras for some deer. We got a new buck on camera which was cool plus some coyotes, porcupines, racoons and the usual does and small bucks.

The next day I asked my brother-in-law, Chris, if he could help me get a few of the mounts on the wall. In particular this mount that has three turkey fans that are on a barn wood frame and a monster deer that I like to call a 14-point and others call an 11-point.

I have to say I have a real kickass brother-in-law because I talked Chris into hanging up most everything. We wound up getting two deer, ten turkeys and one walleye on the wall.

I got to give props to Chris, he has an eye for where to put stuff up on the wall in ways I would have never thought of. Heck he picked all the colors for my house and designed both the bathrooms, and chose all the lighting fixtures when the house got remodeled when I first bought the old farm.

Thanks to Chris and a few of his buddies, my place is really looking like the cabin in the woods I have always dreamed of.


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