The biggest news to come out of E3 was the official announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 remake. However, I think people are forgetting something.

It's a 're-make,' not a 're-maste'r.

Two VERY different things.

Remaster is what everyone would like. Keeping the same story line with updated graphics, ATB system, Materia system, and more.

However, I think people are forgetting that the word 're-make' gives them the opportunity to give the game a COMPLETE overhaul.

I was playing the original game just for the heck of it yesterday, and people forget how truly goofy the game is aside from the main story line.

One of the biggest things is Barret's dialogue, it's very stereotypical of an African American man. Keep in mind, we live in a very hyper sensitive society today, where people could take offense to it if given a voice. Also, let's not forget about the Honey Bee Inn, where Cloud cross dresses! Plus the character models are even stranger from the old game as well.

Just imagine some of these things as fully rendered 3D models, and not 'blocky' cute looking characters...pretty crazy right?

While most are hoping that this game could be the most amazing thing of all time, there is plenty of room for error.

Keep in mind, this game was released in 1997, a very different time believe it or not. It's now 2015 with a WHOLE new team of developers. Sure there are some of the original developers on the project, but like any corporate entity, they want to move forward.

While a remaster would be a dream come true, this is a REMAKE! They could potentially change EVERYTHING you love about this game. Like altering the original story line, changing the battle system, etc.

Your probably thinking, "Oh, they'll listen to us! They did and are making this game, so it has to be the same thing from 1997 right?" While you are right about giving into fan demand, you may be wrong on the giving you the SAME game from 1997.

However, I could be wrong, and it could be a second coming, like Capcom did with Resident Evil on Nintendo Gamecube, but even that wasn't the exact game.

The point of this whole thing? Stay optimistic, but don't expect the universe to explode.

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