There is currently a criminal investigation underway due to a fight that surfaced on social media that happened at Kelloggsville Middle School.

According to FOX 17, a young girl who went to try out for the cheerleading team was left with a cut and stitches after a fight broke out just because some girls didn't like each other and who they chose to date.

The 17 and 18-year-old suspects case are being looked at by Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker but he is awaiting more information from the Kentwood Police Department before a decision can be made.

The older students apparently jumped, kicked and cut fourteen-year-old Mariah Swanson, a Kelloggsville High School freshman, en route to trying out for the cheerleading team. Her mother tried to break up the fight and was also assaulted.

One of the suspects can be heard on the video saying, "I got a knife! I'm cutting b-----s!" Swanson wound up with bloody lips with cuts on her arm, back and stomach.

Video of the fight showed up on Snapchat and Facebook and that is when investigators got involved.

Kelloggsville Schools have made no comment regarding the fight. The Swanson family plan to press charges and get a personal protection order.

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