Fieldy has been keeping busy since announcing his hiatus from Korn last year, citing personal issues that had "caused some tension with the people around me." He's most notably been involved in Stillwell, a project featuring Anthony "Q-Unique" Quiles on vocals and guitar and P.O.D.'s Noah "Wuv" Bernardo on drums.

The act just released a new track from their upcoming fourth album, a song called "Rock The House" yesterday (Oct. 21). And Fieldy took a moment to share the news and post an update for fans on his Facebook page.

"Things are great, I'm having a blast, I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life and I'm enjoying reaching out to you fans more and more. The support you've given me, I've got to give it back to you guys," he started the three-minute video message.

He then took a moment to clarify the statement he made in 2021, announcing he was stepping back from touring with Korn for the time being (filled in by Suicidal Tendencies' Roberto "Ra" Diaz), citing some 'bad habits" that he was falling back into.

"I still am exactly where I was my whole life actually. Sometimes I don't have any bad habits. Sometimes I have bad habits. But to clarify, when I made the statement about my bad habits, they weren't drugs." Later in the message, Fieldy added, "I've never tried cocaine. I've never tried heroin. ... I drink Bud Light, man." The bassist also joked about getting a sponsorship from the beer king.

"At the end of the day, I don't condone this," he said, holding a can of beer. "But when I'm done with all my responsibilities, I have a Bud Light. Or as many as I want to tell you the truth, I'm a grown man. But I know I gotta get up at 5 in the morning because I'm responsible. And I got a job to do and I got people that love me. And I got people that depend on me so I'm going to be there for them no matter what."

Fieldy also took a moment to give a shout-out to his Korn bandmates, letting fans know there's no ill will between them. "I love the guys in Korn, I've known them since seventh grade. We have no beef, I've got no problem with those guys. You guys just support them. They're ripping right now, they just got off of tour and they're killing it."

He added, "I'm always going to be Fieldy from Korn for the rest of my life because that's part of my legacy. Those are my homies, those are my brothers. We're just in different places right now, we're not even mad at each other. We're all cool."

See Fieldy's full video message below and see the video for Stillwell's new single, "Rock The House."

See Fieldy's full video message to fans

See the music video for Stillwell's new song "Rock The House"

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