You would think a college professor would be more responsible on Twitter, but now a Ferris State University professor is on administrative leave.

I work in the media and have to walk a tight line when it comes to expressing what I may be thinking, but personally I try and keep my opinions to myself and off social media because they are my private thoughts and that is where I would like to keep them.

Typically most people who are considered an influencer or a person of high profile tend to stay out of politically motivated conversations especially when it comes to opinions or even worse, conspiracy theories.

That has all seemed to change in recent years.

With students in schools and colleges who look to their teachers and professors regarding guidance and influence, you would think those leading over students would take a much safer approach on what they post on social media, because if people don't like what they see, it will blow up on the individual.

According to WZZM, that is exactly what happened to Ferris State professor Thomas Brennan when he recently made some strong posts on Twitter regarding COVID-19.

In a statement, Brennan said, "I did say some hyperbolic things to draw attention to what it is I wanted to say."

Brennan said some things that upset a lot of students regarding COVID-19 and even went as far to use a racial slur to draw attention to his message.

I get having concern for what you believe in but as a leader, you have to be careful and sensitive to what you say, more than the average person because you reach a larger audience and as we all know, words can hurt others.

Brennan said stuff like,

COVID-19 is a stunt to create a leftist new world order, we are all enslaved to because of the COVID-19 crisis, wearing a mask is putting a muzzle over our face is actually a dehumanizing satanic ritual.

Ferris State made a statement that said, "we categorically reject any comments made regarding the validity or impact of COVID-19."

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