The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show is not only about laughs and fun but also about helping those who are struggling and need a hand. Today they put $10,000 in that hand.

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The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show is More Than Just Laughs

M Buck Studios
M Buck Studios

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show has been making West Michigan and many around the country laugh on weekday mornings for nearly 20 years. Yes, making people laugh for a living is their job, but they also know that life can throw you a curve ball that is out of your control and sometimes you need a helping hand.

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Idiots For Underdogs Charity

Jeff McCullough
Jeff McCullough

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show offer their fans the ability to be an "Idiot" in three different ways to access content from the show. You can watch the show in real-time on your phone or PC or use it as a podcast to check out at your convenience. There is a free service for Cheap Idiots, a small monthly subscription to be a Fancy Idiot, or an annual Fancy Idiot Yearly Subscription. There is an additional service where you can be a Generous Idiot and send a yearly subscription to a friend.

This would appear that the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show has a pretty good side hustle, but that is not the case. The money is used to fund their charity called Idiots for Underdogs which benefits those who need help the most. This is partly how the Holiday Break-Ins take place each Christmas and they help out families in need throughout the year through your nominations.

The FBHWs Show Donate $10,000 to Phil and Tracy Who Needed Some Help

Recently the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show received an email from a lady by the name of Michele who wanted to nominate some friends of her's that are truly going through a very difficult time physically, mentally, and financially. They are Phil and Tracy who both have serious health issues and medical expenses and could lose their house and transportation.

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show knew this was a job for Idiots for Underdogs and wrote a check today for Phil and Tracy for $10,000.

Rather than me trying to paraphrase the amazing story they told on the air and their conversation with Michele who also tells an amazing story about the family and one her family went through, I urge you to click this link and listen to these stories for yourself. I promise you it will be the best eleven minutes of your day.

2023 Free Beer and Hot Wings Live at Night Show

Here are the photos from the Free Beer and Hot Wings Live at Night show that was performed at the DeVos Performance Hall on April 8, 2023.

Free Beer & Hot Wings Live at Night Show

The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show does live shows in theaters across the country that are called Live at Night. Here is a gallery of photos from their home market in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the DeVos Performance Hall.

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