A bizarre tractor accident leaves one man dead south of Grand Rapids.

According to WOOD, the Kent County Sheriff was called about a tractor that was doing some donuts out in a field just before 9 p.m. in Gaines Township.

When deputies arrived at the farm field near 84th and Breton Avenue, they saw the tractor driving around in circles but no one was behind the wheel. That is when they located the man lying on the ground who had been run over by the tractor.

Deputies say they are unclear as to what exactly happened and when.

While on the scene, a firetruck had been called in and was hit by the tractor. The tractor was pulling some equipment and it snapped off the hitch and that is when the tractor slammed the emergency vehicle.

No one happened to be in or near the fire truck at the time when the tractor collided with the vehicle so luckily no one was injured.

Deputies are still investigating the mysterious crash.

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